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The National Women Entrepreneur Council (NWEC) is a parastatal body which operates under the aegis of this Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare since 1999.
The mission of NWEC is to be a reference for promoting entrepreneurship inculcating the right business culture for women in Mauritius.
The NWEC acts as a driver and facilitator in empowering women entrepreneurs.
The main objectives of the Council are to:
     ensure effective communication between the Council and its members;

     identify actions and projects which will promote entrepreneurial activities of Women;

    evaluate and assess the needs of Women Entrepreneurs;

    establish Training Programs, aimed at improving the skills and management aptitudes of Women    Entrepreneurs;

    develop working links and affiliation with other bodies, whether in Mauritius or abroad, having same      objectives; and

   examine and evaluate the contribution of Women Entrepreneurs to the various sectors of development in   the light of national needs and priorities.​
National Women Entrepreneur Council

National Women Development Centre

Royal Road


Tel: 686 8038 / 6867834​