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The Social Welfare Division

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 Wooton Social Welfare Cum Resource CentreClick to enlarge



  The Social Welfare Division is responsible for the management of 57 Social Welfare Centres. The centres are mostly located in rural areas and serveall age-groups – children, youth, women, men, senior citizens etc, within their own catchment area.

The Division manages  the operation of the centres through the formulation of policies and programmes that are in linewith the Government Programme . The Division is headed by the Social Welfare Commissioner and Officers of different Welfare grade are posted at centres tohelp in the implementation of social/welfare activities.

The Division has also under its responsibility the Dressmaking section which is responsible for the empowerment of womenthrough running of hobby and skills development courses.

Social welfare centres have been at the service of the community for more than 50 years. They have largely contributedto influence the social development of villages by networking with other social agencies for the social upliftment, empowerment and integration of localcommunities.


Objective of Social Welfare Centre

As laid down in the Social Welfare Centre Act 1961, the object of every centre is
to further health, advance education, provide facilities for mental and physical training and generally for recreation and for social, moral and intellectual development.


Social Welfare Committees


Each centre is managed together with a Social Welfare Committee comprising of 18 voluntary social workers appointed by the Minister for a two year period. The members are representatives of diverse social groups and NGOs that exist in the community. The committee acts in advisory capacity.


 The main programme areas for Social Welfare centres are:

Healthy Lifestyle Programme
Skills development programme, dressmaking and crafts training
Home Economics Training
Informal Education

Adult Functional Literacy
Monthly Foires Artisanales / National Sales Exhibition
Income-generating, Empowerment and entrepreneurship activities.
Leisure/Recreational/Cultural and Spiritual activities
Indoor Games and Sports
Keep fit and physical fitness
Intercentre exchange programmes
Intergenerational activities
Group Recreational Programmes
Community Services (hire of tarpaulins, chairs, tubular frames, TV Show).
 Mini “Salon de Créativité'' for children
Open days for the community 


Strategies used to involve the community are:

Social/Community-based/Community integration
Networking/Partnering with other agencies
Advocacy with other community-based associations for social improvement



Target Groups at Social Welfare Centres are:

​Different age-groups such as Children, Youth, Women, Men, Disabled, Elderly and Families
Vulnerable groups
Local communities

 Social Amenities, Sports and Fitness that exist at the centres:

Children's park, Children's Traffic Playground, Open Air Theatre, Pétanque court, Volleyball Pitch, Football ground, Gym Club, Indoor and Outdoor Games and Health tracks etc.


 Role of Social Welfare Centres


It is commonly said that a Social Welfare Centre caters for an individual from cradle to grave in order to enable him/her develop the right aptitudes, skills, knowledge and attitudes to manage his/her own life situation and to become a responsible individual and citizen.



List of Social Welfare Centres

CentreAddressTel No.
Grand Port/Savanne Regional Unit
1Chemin GrenierRoyal Road, Chemin Grenier Tel/Fax 6226535
2Grand BoisRoyal Road, Grand BoisTel/Fax 6175409
3Grand SableRoyal Road, Grand SableTel/Fax 4176548
4La RosaRoyal Road, La RosaTel 2901270
5L'Escalier Royal Road, L'EscalierTel/Fax 6367538
6MahebourgRoyal Road, MahebourgTel/Fax 6319530
7Mare TabacRoyal Road, Mare TabacTel/Fax 6274941
8Plaine Magnien (Regional Centre)Royal Road, Plaine MagnienTel/Fax 6377416
9Rose BelleRoyal Road, Rose BelleTel/Fax 6274610
10Surinam Social Welfare Centre Road, SurinamTel/Fax 6255578
11Mare D'AlbertRoyal Road, Mare D'AlbertTel/Fax 6274034
12Le JardinRoyal Road, Riche-En-Eau, Le JardinTel 6335815
13Petit Bel Air GSWCRoyal Road, Petit Bel Air Tel 2904677
14Old Grand Port GSWCRoyal Road, Old Grand PortTel/Fax 6345181
15La Chaux GSWCCité La Chaux, La Chaux Tel 2901208
16Camp Carol GSWCCamp Carol, Plaine MagnienTel 2901200
17Mare Tabac GSWCSSR Street, Mare Tabac Tel/Fax 6271292
Pamplemousses/Rivière du Rempart Regional Unit
18AmauryRoyal Road, AmauryTel/Fax 4127813
19Grand BayRoyal Road, Grand BayTel/Fax 2631279
20GoodlandsSocial Welfare Centre Road, GoodlandsTel/Fax 2839557
21Pamplemousses(Regional Centre)Royal Road, PamplemoussesTel/Fax 2433520
22Petit RaffrayRoyal Road, Petit RaffrayTel/Fax 2838010
23Plaine des PapayesRoyal Road, Plaine des PapayesTel 2902157
24Pointe aux PimentsRoyal Road, Pointe aux PimentsTel/Fax 2615206
25PitonRoyal Road, PitonTel 2645127
26Rivière du RempartMaurel Road, Rivière du Rempart Tel 4127252
27TrioletRoyal Road, TrioletTel/Fax 2616722
28Mon Goût GSWCShivala Road, Mon Gout, PamplemoussesTel 2433467
29Petite Julie GSWCSchool Road, Petite JulieTel/Fax 4184707
Moka/Flacq Regional Unit
30Bel AirRoyal Road, Bel AirTel 4192443
31BramsthanRoyal Road, BramsthanTel 4132731
32Camp de Masque PavéRoyal Road, Camp de Masque PavéTel/Fax 4168410
33Brisée VerdièreRoyal Road, Brisée VerdièreTel 2905656
34LaventureRoyal Road, LaventureTel 4185533
35Montagne BlancheRoyal Road, Montagne BlancheTel/Fax 4375178
36Mare La ChauxRoyal Road, Mare La ChauxTel 2939585
37Quartier Militaire (Regional Centre)Royal Road, Quartier MilitaireTel/Fax 4357878
38St. PierreRoute Nicolière, St. PierreTel/Fax 4335658
39St. Julien D'HotmanRoyal Road, St. JulienTel 4165779
40CarolineRoyal Road,Caroline, Bel Air Rivière SècheTel/Fax 4192734
41Lallmatie GSWCNehru road, LallmatieTel/Fax 4183404
42Mont OryGSWC Royal Road, Mount OryTel/Fax 4332139
43Deep River Ex. Olivia GSWCRoyal Road, OliviaTel 4193127
44Nouvelle DécouverteRoyal Road, Nouvelle Decouverte Tel/Fax 4315983
Port Louis/Plaines Wilhems/Black River Regional Unit
45Bambous Royal Road, Bambous Tel/Fax 4520237
46Camp FouquereauxRoyal Road, Camp Fouquereaux Tel/Fax 6862242
47Case NoyaleRoyal Road, Case NoyaleTel/Fax 4515063
48Mont RochesRaymond Rivet Street, Mont RochesTel/Fax 4548546
49Petite RivièreRoyal Road, Petite RivièreTel/Fax 2331826
50Roche BoisDesperoux Street, Roche BoisTel/Fax 2927663
51Ste Croix GSWCDucray Street, Sainte CroixTel 2403329
52Le Hochet GSWC Dr. Manilall Road, Le Hochet, Terre RougeTel/Fax 2488078
53Long MountainRoyal Road, Long Mountain Tel 2452546
54GrannumGrannum Road, VacoasTel/Fax 6860440
55Rivière SècheMississippi Road, Rivière Sèche, Floreal Tel/Fax 6862140
56Wooton Social Welfare cum Resource Centre(Regional Centre)

Alagender Hill, Wooton;

Tel 6709703
Tel/Fax 6709651
57Floréal Pierre Simonet Street, Floréal