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​​Home Economics Unit​


Aim of the Home Economics Unit    
The Home Economics Unit aims at promoting the social and economic empowerment of women and the community at large through capacity building programmes pertaining to the field of Home Economics. Home Economics is concerned mainly with training on the management of a person’s daily life and empowers him/her with relevant knowledge and skills that will enable him/her to meet his daily life challenges. 

Training modules lay emphasis on: -

  • Food and nutrition,
  • Management of family resources of time, energy and money,
  • Child development,
  • Home Economics extension, &
  • Entrepreneurship development.


     The Home Economics Unit, therefore works towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 & 12.

 These are as follows: -

  • ​ Goal 1 – No Poverty
  • Goal 2  – Zero Hunger
  • Goal 3  – Good Health & Well – Being
  • Goal 4  – Quality Education
  • Goal 5  – Gender Equality
  • Goal 8  – Decent work & Economic Growth
  • Goal 12– Responsible consumption & production
 Target audience & coverage​


Courses are free of cost, MQA approved and are targeted at all members (women & men) of the community). Special emphasis is laid on vulnerable groups.   Tailor made programmes (Life-skills Development Programmes) are also implemented for the benefit of young children & youth (both boys & girls) as well as for working persons (both men & women).

Training Programmes are run as a decentralized service in a network of more than 125 centres located all over the island. Centres include the following: - 

  • Home Economics Resources Centres,
  • Women Empowerment Centres,
  • Social Welfare Centres,
  • Community Centres,
  • Village Halls, &
  • Municipal Hall, etc.​ ​

 Courses offered​​

     The Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme is run for trainees who show interest in setting up home based income generating activities as well as micro businesses. 


Training on Quality Control of Food Products


The Home Economics Unit also offers specialised services namely the: -



  •         Agricultural Women’s Club (AWCs)


     The objective of these clubs is to promote agricultural activities among women as well as to enhance healthy eating, food security as well as income generating activities. 25 AWCs are functional over the island.



  •        ​ Weight Management Clubs

     These clubs aim at providing dietary advice to overweight and/or obese women on the management of their body weights. Emphasis is also laid on the regular practice of physical exercise. The objective is to combat non – communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hyper cholesterol caused by poor eating habits and wrong lifestyles.  These clubs are usually coupled with training on ‘healthy lifestyle’.


  • ​    ​  ​​Promotion of business start-ups.

    The Unit also manages a Production Centre cum Sales Outlet located at Plaine des Papayes (within the compound of the Social Welfare Centre).  The aim of the above specialised centre is to empower vulnerable women and their families economically and to help them become financial independent. This centre was set up in March 2011 as a specialized project under the “Special Collaborative Programme for Support to Women and Children in Distress”.

     The objectives of the Plaine des Papayes Production Centre cum Sales Outlet are to: -



  •          offer sp​ecialised training for the setting up of income generating activities in the agro sector,
  •          acquaint potential women agro processors with semi – industrial processing equipment,
  •          enable latter target group to validate their products ideas,
  •          guide the entrepreneurs in the setting up their enterprises,&
  •          offer a sales outlet to market their products


    Hence the services/facilities offered include training, production on a semi – industrial scale, on site exhibition and sales of products, counselling, &networking as well as exchange programmes. 



     More than 1000 women have been trained and about 25% have successfully started income generating activities. 


 Spice grinding and production of chips
  • ​​​  ​Marketing facilities to micro women entrepreneurs


 ​Local mini fairs are organised all over the island, even in remote areas with a view to offering a platform to our trainees (potential women entrepreneurs) to market their products, generate income as well as to boost up their self -confidence & leadership skills.



Sales of vegetables by members of Agricultural Women’s Clubs


  • Home Economics extension


Home Economics extension mainly involves members of Agricultural Women’s Clubs.


Interested persons are given specialised training to set up projects in connection with the cultivation of flowers and strawberries, pulses, food security crops as well as in apiculture, poultry keeping and the rearing of small animals, etc.  

 Training in Apiculture

Contact details: -


  • Home Economics Unit

    6th Floor, CSK Building

    Cnr. Remy Ollier & Emmanuel Anquetil Streets, Port – Louis

    Phone Number: 206 38 24  
    Fax Number: 217 65 57

    Email address:



  • Phoenix Home Economics Resource Centre

    Phone/Fax Number: 696 46 75


  • Plaine – des – Papayes Production Centre cum Sales Outlet

    Phone/Fax Number: 266 85 10



  • Quartier Militaire Home Economics Resource Centre

    Phone/Fax Number: 435 74 63



  • Plaine Magnien Home Economics Resource Centre

    Phone/Fax Number: 637 83 89