​The Adoption Unit


Our Mission

To provide a permanent home to orphans or abandoned children so that they are bestowed with love and care, that will help them grow and develop within a family.


Our Vision

No child should remain orphaned or abandoned throughout his life.


Mandate of the Adoption Unit

To provide, lead and co-ordinate actions on policy, procedures, standards and guidelines on all adoption matters, training and inter country cooperation.

  • To inquire into all demands of adoption of a foreign child by Mauritian citizens.

  • To advise the Minister on all matters relating to demands of adoption received.

  • To co-operate with other countries in line with the recommendations of the 1993 Hague Convention on Protection of Children And Co-operation In Respect of Inter country Adoption with a view to preventing the abduction, sale and trafficking in children.

  • To establish collaboration with other countries with a view to working together with regard to inter country adoption; Mauritius as receiving State.


    The actual policy for a Mauritian to adopt a foreign child is that childless couples can adopt only one child. 

                A single person may also apply for the adoption of a foreign child.

                The persons willing to adopt a child should be relatively young.     ​