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Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare

National Women Council




The National Women’s Council was set up in 1985 under an Act of parliament which operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare.


Its main objectives are to:
  • Establish and maintain effective communication with women organizations;
  • Ensure coordination of groups of women and organization;
  • Assist in the implementation and evaluation of Government policies as they relate to the needs of women;
  • Cooperate and if necessary, affiliate with other bodies, whether in Mauritius or outside, having similar aims; and
  • Identify and recommend to the National Committee actions and the projects what will promote the integration of women in development.
Policy Implementation for Women’s Empowerment

A holistic and coherent approach has been adopted to implement activities and projects to address women’s issues by:
  • Facilitating their involvement in economic activities:
  • Promoting self development and employability through literacy;
  • Strengthening capabilities  through capacity building; and
  • Facilitating women’s access to information.
The National Women’s Council works in close collaboration with the Gender Unit of the Ministry to implement policies and programme geared toward the social, economic and political empowerment of women.

The NWC implements policies for women’s empowerment through its three main Units, namely, the Women’s Associations Unit, the Dressmaking and Related Craft Unit and the Project Unit.