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Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare

Home Economics Unit

Contact Person: Mrs Googoolye, Head Home Economics Unit
Tel: 210 4299

The Home Economics Unit forms part of the Social Welfare Division of the Ministry.  It is responsible for the planning, organisation, implementation and evaluation of Training Programmes in the field of Home Economics and related areas.

​Scope of Home Economics

Home Economics is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics and management of the home and the community. Home Economics is situated in human sciences, and hence it draws from a range of disciplines to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individuals, families and communities.

Home Economists are concerned with the promotion and protection of the well-being of individuals, families and communities. Home Economists also facilitate the development of lifelong learning of paid, unpaid and voluntary work. Home Economics professionals are advocates for individuals, families and communities.


Aim of the Home Economics Unit

The aim of the Home Economics Unit is to promote the socio-economic empowerment of the community through capacity building. 


The Broad Objectives

·         To promote healthy eating and healthy lifestyles

·         To further the social empowerment of the various target groups
·         To foster sound family relations with special emphasis on the nurturing of small children
·         To enhance entrepreneurship development and economic empowerment of men and women
·         To assist in the alleviation of poverty
·         To enhance food security


Home Economics Resource Centres

4 Regional Home Economics Resource Centres are administered by the Home Economics Unit.  These centres serve as training centres cum regional offices for Home Economics staff.  Resource Centres are located at: -


Home Economics Resource Centres
Phone Numbers
Quartier Militaire
Plaine des Papayes
Plaine Magnien


Target groups

Target groups
Non-working women
Female adolescents
Youth waiting for employment
Potential women entrepreneurs
The Elderly
Working women and men
In school students/youth


​ Capacity building programmes and services are imparted on demand to the public at the following centres:-

 Ø  Social Welfare Centres

Ø  Home Economics Resource Centres

Ø  Women Centres, &

Ø  Community Centres

Around 100 centres have been targeted for this year.
Types of courses offered


Courses Offered Duration/Remarks




Basic Course in Home Economics 10 months (MQA approved)
Healthy Lifestyle 24 weeks (MQA  approved)
Motherhood & Child Development 12 weeks (MQA approved)
Pastry & Dessert 12 weeks
Food Processing 12 weeks
Floral Arrangement 12 weeks
Home Decoration 20 weeks
Curtain Making 20 weeks
Life skills Development Programme for Youth 12 weeks
Evening & Weekend Courses for working men & women in the fields of Healthy Lifestyle, Pastry & Dessert, Food Processing, & Floral Arrangement  
Advance Course in Pastry & Dessert  8 weeks
Advanced Course in Food Processing         8 weeks
Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme        on demand


Services offered by the Unit
Ø  Agricultural Women’s Clubs (AWCs)
The objective is to promote women in agricultural activities with a view to bridging the gender gap that exists in Agriculture.  These clubs will also increase awareness in gardening and helps to promote Food Security as well as “Green Mauritius”.
25 Agricultural Women’s Clubs are operational this year with a total of around 824 members.
Ø  Health & Nutrition Clubs
These clubs are mainly targeted towards the elderly (both men and women).  The aim is to sensitise them on the need for eating healthy in order to avoid and or to manage non communicable diseases such as diabetes, hyper cholesterol and hypertension.  Emphasis is also laid on healthy cooking methods and meals for the elderly.
Ø  Weight Management Club

The objective is to provide dietary advice to overweight and or obese women on the management of their body weights.  Emphasis is also laid on the regular practice of physical exercises.  The aim is to combat non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hyper cholesterol caused by poor eating habits and wrong lifestyles.



​ The Plaine des Papayes Production Centre cum Sales Outlet

The Plaine des Papayes Production Centre cum Sales Outlet has been awarded a Special Mention by the members of jury icw the Public Service Excellence Award 2012.

The award has been offered in recognition of the high quality and innovative service being provided at the centre and also for its customer focus.
This project was initiated by the Morcellement St. André Women’s Association and funded by Government under the “Special Collaborative Programme for Support to Women and Children in Distress”. The project was launched in March 2011.
The aim of the Production Centre cum Sales Outlet is to empower vulnerable women and their families economically and to help them become financially independent.

This project was initiated by the Morcellement St. André Women’s Association and funded by Government under the “Special Collaborative Programme for Support to Women and Children in Distress”.



The Production Centre cum Sales Outlet aims at empowering vulnerable women and their families economically to help them become self-reliant.


The objectives of the Centre
Ø  serve as a model in Agro-Processing;
Ø  acquaint prospective women agro processors with semi-industrial processing equipments of latest technology;
Ø  enable prospective agro-processors to validate their project ideas;
Ø  serve as a training and development centre; and
Ø  guide the entrepreneurs in the setting up of their enterprises.
Services/Facilities Offered



Production on a semi-industrial scale
On site exhibition and sales of products
Exchange Programme


Target Groups

Target groups
Poor unemployed women
Retrenched workers
Women with low level of literacy
Single heads of household


Remarks:  These women will be primarily from the districts of Pamplemousses and Rivière du Rempart.


Terms and Conditions

Entrepreneurs will be required to:

Ø  use the centre for an initial period of one year only to kick start their business;
Ø  group themselves into different clusters or cooperatives and operate in predetermined activity sectors;

       Ø  use the centre for production purposes once weekly; and

       Ø  contribute a monthly nominal fee for the operation and maintenance of the centre.

The centre will be made available for one group of 20 entrepreneurs for a period of one year on a first come first serve basis.  Same facility will be offered to different groups on consecutive years.


Contact Details
For any additional information, please contact the following: -
*        Officer in charge of Plaine des Papayes Home Economics Resource Centre
Tel no 266-8510.
*        Vice President of Morcellement St. André Women’s Association
 Tel no 261-2854 
Home Economics Unit
   Shimjee Building,
  Cr Sir Virgil Naz & Cr Sir Virgil Naz & Dr Eugène Laurent Streets, Port Louis.
            Tel Nos. 210 2813/210 4299